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Karmann Ghias have three eras, and all had rubber mats!

Late 50's. All rubber, 4 colors.

This web site is focused on the 1960's era, and these mats fit all Karmann Ghias produced after July 31, 1959, as standard through 1970, and as an option from then until the end of production. If you're interested in the unique 1950's era mats, we provide these, too, as sets of eight interior mats in four color options . *Here is a link: 

1960's and '70s Karmann Ghias were peacocks, full of color!

From the early 1960s, the Karmann Ghia had color coordinated components to match the exterior body color throughout the cockpit, from sun visors, to steering columns to the rubber hand brake boot, and many other parts  besides. The floor mats were no exception, coming in SIXTEEN (16!) different colors, and we are offering them all.

Color-Match YOUR interior!

 While some colors are correct for some years and not others, all the mats interchange from 1960 onward, so you can choose what colors you like, and can even match unique body paint colors to match your taste. 

An era full of Color!

Model Year/Colour Chart


1960-1962 Rock Gray/Satin Blue/Malachite Green/Olive/Gold/Beige
1963-1964 Gray Black
1965 Anthracite
1966 Lava/Rust/Ultra Blue/Scarlet/Almond Beige
1967 Lava/Dark Brown/Clematis
1968-70 Lava/Dark Brown
1971+ Anthracite/Leather Beige/Palsander 

Put the earlier full 8 mat set in your younger Ghia!


Because we make all these mats in-house, if you want to put the full rubber mat set from the 1950's into your Ghia - a lovely option to a modern carpet kit- we can provide you a LowLight set! (You'll need to take the foot rest out)*

Also, a set of 4 Sound Absorber under-mats is available now!

Sorted by color family, with some duplicates:


Beiges: Beige/Almond Beige/Leather Beige

Grays: Rock Gray/Gray Black

Blues: Satin Blue/Ultra Blue/Clematis

Greens: Malachite Green/Olive

Blacks: Gray Black/Anthracite

Reds: Scarlet/Rust/Lava/Palsander

Browns: Dark Brown/Leather Beige/Rust/Gold/Palsander

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